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Welcome to Alpine Travel,

Alpine Travel is a pioneer Eco-research, tourist and mountaineering company in Greece.

Founded in 1991 by leading Cretan mountaineers, it offers high quality services to a large number of visitors from all around the world.

The site you are browsing at has been conceived and put together with great care in order to show you quickly and effectively the kind of outdoor activities, offered by a very special group of people, located at an exceptional spot of the world, Greece.

Should you decide to be in this part of the Mediterranean, it will be our pleasure to accompany you to a singular and pleasurable discovery of the Greek countryside, mountain summits and coastal line.


Our team of trained and inspired individuals are there to help you practice or discover outdoor activities in places of extraordinary beauty with the outmost safety. We can offer from quiet walks and swimming to challenging hikes, climbing, sea kayaking and road trips all over Greece with special programs for individuals, families, groups and companies.

Company Registration Number 074169958000
G.N.T.O. License 1042E60000043900

Welcome to Greece, 
Alpine Travel Team


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