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Responsible Traveller


Keep your packaging down to a minimum and avoid disposable goods.

Local Traditions

Local Traditions vary enormously around the world and play a large part in the local way of life. It is important to familiarise yourself with the local people’s dress codes and thought patterns, and recognise them; the local concept of time is also likely to be less hurried than your own. Remember – you are the visitor, and by showing respect you will be respected and appreciated yourself!


To state the obvious, the world is full of it and you don’t want to add to it yourself! Beyond that, however, it’s up to you to decide how strongly you should feel about other people’s litter: many walkers, for example, are happy to pick up litter along the trail, if there is some.It’s your call.
The less you create, the better.


People in black local dress always make good subjects for photographs. However, many people, for whatever reason, do not like being photographed. Always ask permission before taking photographs.

Plants & Shells

One of the joys of travelling is the spectacular variety of wild plants and shells you will see. These should remain in their natural environment, so avoid picking any.


Transport fuels the local economy and provides a livelihood for many. Sadly it also pollutes. Be sure, however, not to discriminate against those who can’t afford some of the newer, energy-efficient technologies, yet may have a lower ecological impact than the wealthier competitor.


It is not necessary to wash in streams or rivers. Remember, it may be someone’s drinking water further downstream.


Avoid disturbing wildlife and damaging their natural habitats. Stay quiet when viewing animals.


Learning a few words of the Greek language is a great way to break barriers: greet shopkeepers, waiters, drivers, clerks, etc. It is equally important to say your "Efharisto" and "Antio".

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