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Yorgos Tsabourakis

Yorgos Tsabourakis, a qualified Greek tourist guide, is a hiking and cycling specialist. He was born in Athens, of Cretan origin and studied political science.

He has been guiding people over mountains and valleys, in the excavations and through the museums of Greece for a long time and still passionately. He has traveled a small part of the world, guiding people in the Alps, Andes and Himalayas.

A Greek only becomes aware of how beautiful and diverse his homeland is after he has been around the world: almost every type of landscape in just a small patch of earth, coupled with excellent climate conditions. A key feature of this landscape is the omnipresence of the sea; from even a medium-high peak you can see at least one sea, but often several. Many islanders have the great privilege of watching the sun setting in and rising out of the sea, and just take it easy.

His motto is: All great miracles are happening around us every moment; watch them and you will walk around in a trance.

He speaks German, French, English, Spanish and Greek.

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