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Mountain Shelters in Crete

The mountain shelters of Crete, warm and hospitable, are intended for the weary hiker or traveller.

They are perched like eagles' nests high in the rough, rocky mountains of the island. Their facilities can be used after prior arrangement with the local Alpine Club.

The Kallergi shelter is an exception, being open from April to October. Visit the mountain shelters of Crete to experience the rugged, natural way of life.

Kallergi Shelter

It is the jewel of the White Mountains. The hike from Omalos is about 1-1/2 hours or 5 km along a rural road.

The shelter is situated above the gorge of Samaria with a unique view of the White Mountains. It is open from April until the end of October to welcome hikers and tired travellers.

Usefull information

Location: Above and over the National Road of Samaria and the Omalos plateau - White Mountains
Altitude: 1680 meters
Accommodation: 50 places for climbers and in the summer more can fit.
Built in: 1970
Rooms: 50 places for climbers and in the summer more can fit.

Katsiveli - Svourihti

This is a small and picturesque mountain shelter. It is situated in the center of the White Mountains.

To get to the shelter, you need about 6 hours of hiking from the Kallergi shelter or about 7 hours from the Xyloskalo. There is an alternative route, from the village of Anopolis in the Sfakia area, which takes about 6 hours.

It is possible to go faster if you choose the mountain trail, which demands only 3 hours of hiking.

Usefull information

Location: White Mountains
Altitude: 1970 meters
Accommodation: 25 Places for climbers
Built in: 1992


The shelter is found in the area of Anestasi, above the west side of the Limnakaro plateau in the Lasithi region.

It is about one hour and 45 minutes from Agio Georgio.

Usefull information

Altitude: 1350 meters
Accommodation: 15 beds


The shelter services the summits of GYRISTI (1779 m) and KOUDOUNI (1860 m) as well as many crossing hiking routes. In the gorge, there are three 60m rock climbing routes with a difficulty of VI. There are two ways to get to the shelter.

From the village of ANO ASITES, head towards the village of PRINOS. On your right as you leave the village, there is a dirt road which is labeled at the junctions until the area of the "bee hives". There you will find a passage. Soon after a path begins leading to the gorge. The path is well marked. It is an 1-1/2 to 2 hours' hike.

From the village of KATO ASITES, you can drive to the MONI GORGOLAINI and continue along a dirt road towards the dry fields in which there is a cement tank. From here, leave the car and after a 20 minute walk, you will arrive at the shelter.

Usefull information

Altitude: 1500 meters
Accommodation: 45 beds
Built in: 1967


This shelter is situated in the plateau above the village of Askyfou in the Sfakia region. The shelter was built on land donated by the mountaineer, Christos Christodoulakis from Askyfou. Its construction began in 1988 and finished in 1992.

In the plataeu of Tavri Niato and the Kastro summit, the mountaineers of Chania have accomplished ascents since 1930.It is in the area of Askyfou and the Tavri plateau that skiing was first introduced in Crete in the year 1955.

Usefull information

Location: Tavri Plateau Askyfou, Sfakia - White Mountains
Altitude: 1200 meters
Accommodation: 42 beds in rooms
Built in: 1992

Toubotos Prinos

The shelter is 3 hours and 45 minutes from Fourfoura, where the road leads to the village of Kouroutes and on to the shelter.

Toubotos Prinos is situated in the western slopes of the Psiloritis mountains with a view of the White Mountains and the Libyan Sea. To stay there, you must get in touch with the Alpine Club of Rethymnon.

Usefull information

Location: Psiloritis
Altitude: 1100 meters
Accommodation: 28 beds
Built in: 1967


The shelter is situated on the western slopes of the White Mountains. It is surrounded by the summits of Spathi, Venizelos and Agio Pnevma which offer summer and winter climbing adventures.

The mountain shelter of Volikas was the first mountain shelter built in Crete. It is a 3-hour hike from the village of Kampoi to the shelter. It is possible to go faster if you use the mountain trails which require only about an hour's hike.

Usefull information

Location: White Mountains
Altitude: 1400 meters
Accommodation: 40 Places for climbers in the loft
Built in: 1958

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