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The programs and information within the internet site of the company Alpine Travel, are provided and can be used only for personal use. Downloading any programs or information from the Alpine Travel site, you agree to the above mentioned terms.


The brand name and the trademark of Alpine Travel are legally copyrighted in Greece and they are property of Alpine Travel. Non use of the brand and trademark within the site does not miss include all legal rights bound by the owner.


All photographs and literature included in the site of Alpine Travel are legally copyrighted and can not be manipulated or copied without the written consent of Alpine Travel.

Alpine Travel
P.O.Box 238
2nd Pas.Akrotiriou str.
73142 Chania, Crete, Greece

Company Registration Number 074169958000
G.N.T.O. License: 1042Ε60000043900

Copyright © 1991-2023

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