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Off Road Trip Western Crete

As soon as the members of the group have gathered, we all head inland from the north coast, towards the village of Voukolies.

We reach the dirt roads soon after the main road begins to ascent. This is when the fun starts!


A few kilometers down the road we stop to take a 10-minute hike to a little cascading waterfall.


Refreshed, we continue to climb inland to the village of Sebronas, stopping at a local kafenio (cafe) for a drink.


Our next destination is the plateau of Omalos; the road becomes a little rougher, and the fun increases! At Omalos we have lunch in the traditional restaurant of Xyloskalo, overlooking the Samaria Gorge – in fact, literally hanging over it!


We take a brief rest after lunch, and then we embark on the hardest part of the route, the way up to the Kallergi mountain shelter; the road is steep and its condition varies. It is time for drivers to test their skills. At the top we stop at the shelter for some photos. This is the highest altitude point of the trip (1.680 meters); we can look south down over the whole of the Samaria George all the way to the sea, and north towards the city of Hania!


From now on the road runs downhill. Some tricky hairpin turns and the local wildlife (sheep and goats) add extra interest to the experience.


The final part of the descent is through hundreds of olive trees heading towards the village of Meskla, where we gather at a cafe built over a gushing river to have a last drink and share the day's fun and experiences. Then we make our own way back to our hotels.


Chania-Voukolies 27 km
Voukolies-Omalos 45 km
Omalos-Kallergi Refuge 6 km
Kallergi Refuge-Chania 45 km

1) Total kilometres: 123 
2) On road kilometres: approx. 60
3) Off road kilometres: approx. 63



Period: May-October 

Any date upon request.

Difficulty Level: (2)

Duration: 6-7 hours

Price Includes:
· pick up and drop off.
· English speaking Tour Leader
· Lunch
· Liability Insurance and local Taxes.


 Our Fleet : 

Manufacturer Land Rover
Range Rover HSE
Body Style 5 door/Premium Sport SUV 
Engine 4.4 V8 Petrol/LPG 
Transmission Automatic 
Nr.of Seats 5

Manufacturer Land Rover
Model Discovery 3
Body Style 5 door/Off-Road SUV
Engine 4.4 V8 Petrol
Transmission Automatic
Nr. of Seats 7

Manufacturer Land Rover 
Model Discovery 3
Body Style 5 door/Off-Road SUV
Engine 2.7 V6 Diesel 
Transmission Automatic 
Nr.of Seats 7 


Manufacturer Toyota 
Model Land Cruiser
Body Style 5 door/Off-Road SUV
Engine 3.0 Diesel 
Transmission Automatic 
Nr.of Seats 8

Manufacturer Jeep
Model Commander
Body Style 5 door/SUV
Engine 3.0 V6 Diesel
Transmission Automatic
Nr.of Seats 7


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