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Hiking Katholikon Gorge

The gorge of Katholiko, also known as To Avlaki tou Agίou (= water channel of the saint), as locals call it, is located at the northern end of Akrotίri, near Chania.

Starting our short journey at the wider area of Chania, we reach the site of Profhetes Elias at Akrotiri, where there are the Venizelos' Graves. From this location, the view of Chania is superb. Historically, the place is of significant importance taking into account the fact that it hosted the revolutionary armed forces which realised the autonomy of Crete from the Turkish rule back in 1897. Furthermore, it is the burial place of two of the most important political figures of Greece during the 20th century, Eleftherios Venizelos and his son, Sophoklis.

Leaving behind the site of Profhetes Elias, we pass through colourfull villages and find ourselves in Aghia Triada (The Holy Trinity) Monastery, established in the early 17th century by the Venetian monks Laurentius and Ieremias Tzagarollo. It is still the biggest monastery complex in Crete and the earliest buildings are perfect examples of the local architecture of their time. The monk community has played an important rule in numerous Cretan revoltes against the Turkish rule and has been pillaged by the conqueror’s army during the 1821 revolution. The monastery has been renovated in 1854, with the addition of the chapels of the Saint Crusifixionand the Saint Apostles and from 1892, it serves under the Greek orthodox dogma.

Our next stop, is the Gouverneto monastery (The Lady Of The Angels), built in 1537 by monks of the pre-existing Catholic monastery which due to its proximity to the sea, had been attacked on numerous occasions by pirates. The complex resembles to a fortress, having four towers at the respective corners and bearing a cousiderable fortification. At present, it has chapels dedicated to Saint John the Hermit and the Ten Saints.

From here we start our walk all the way down to Katholikon Monastery and we continue all the way to the sea and the same way back to the top.

Driving Distance: from Chania city 40 km total

Difficulty Level: 2

Duration: 6-7 hours
Walking time: 3 hrs

Schedule: On Request

Price per person 

Group Size: minimum 4 participants.


Price Includes:

·English speaking group tour leader-drivers.
·Lunch pack
·Liability Insurance
·Local Taxes

Restrictions : Swimming is not allowed

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