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Drama-Philippi (North Greece) 8 days

1st day: Arrival to Thessaloniki International Airport “Macedonia”

Transfer to the Hotel.

Type of accomodation : 4* Hotel

Transfers : 0,30 hrs

2nd day: Thessaloniki - Amfipolis - Drama

We will depart the hotel after breakfast by bus to reach the sights of the ancient city of Amfipolis after a 60 min drive. Our first stop is the Amfipolis Lion where we will admire the largest marble lion statue worldwide. We will then walk for 25 min to Amfipolis Archaeological Site to enjoy a tour at the ancient ruins. After a short walk of 10 min, we will reach Amfipolis Museum where we will admire the findings from prehistoric to early christian and Byzantine eras. After the tour we will continue our walk to modern Amfipolis and by Nestos river (for 20 min) to reach the Ancient Bridge and Fortification of the city. Our last walk will last 45 min and we will arrive to Amfipolis Tomb where the excavation is still in progress.
We will then board our bus and after 30 min we will check in at the Hotel
The hotel is made of wood and stone and it used to be an old tobacco warehouse! In the afternoon you can opt for the hotel tour to learn about its history and architecture. Rest of the day we can stroll at Agia Varvara Park which is next to the hotel and explore the cute cobbled streets of Drama city.
Type of accomodation : 5* Hotel 
Transfers : 2.00 hrs
Walking time 1:30hrs (excluding Drama strolls +2 hrs)
+ 80 meters

3rd day: Drama - Philippi - Kavala - Drama

Before leaving the city, we will walk to the Archaeological Museum of Drama and after the tour we will head by bus to the Archaeological site of Philippi; a UNESCO heritage site, where we will be guided through the ruins of the theater, the ancient agora and the arena (20 min walk). After the tour we will visit the Archaeological Museum of Philippi to learn more about the neolithic era. The last stop of our tour to Philippi is the Baths of Alexander the Great (Lydia) where the first European Christian, Lydia, was baptized. After a 25 min ride with our bus, we will reach Kavala city to enjoy a 30 min walk till the Byzantine Castle, which offers amazing views to the city and the sea. Afterwards we can stroll to the old and the modern city of Kavala before departing to our hotel that we will reach after 45 min.

Type of accomodation : 5* Hotel 
Transfers : 1.35 hrs
Walking time 1.00 hrs (excluding Kavala strolls +2 hrs)
+ 50 meters / - 50 meters

4th day: Drama - Wine Art Estate - Chateau Nico Lazaridi - Domaine Costa Lazaridis - Oenogenesis Winery - Drama

After breakfast we will board our bus to start our wine tour in the close by villages. Our day will perfectly combine walking in between the villages with visits to the top wineries of the area. Our first stop after a 15 min drive by bus is the elegant underground Wine Art Estate. There we will have the chance to learn about the enchanting world of wine and of course taste a few! Second stop after a leisure walk of 2,30 hrs across the fields we will arrive at Doxato village and Chateau Nico Lazaridi Estate. The winery in between the vineyards is perfectly adjusted to the natural environment and as well houses the popular “Magic Mountain” art gallery. After a few more drinks and some culture, we will still walk in nature to find our selves to Domaine Costa Lazaridis and its wine museum at the village of Adriani. Our final stop after 30 min walking is Oenogenesis Winery to taste a few more wines in the charming castle house inspired architecturally by the Old Macedonian Mansions.
We will return early in the afternoon to our hotel by bus after a 20 min ride

Type of accomodation : 5* Hotel 
Transfers : 0.35 hrs
Walking time 3.45 hrs
+ 196 meters / - 137 meters

5th day: Drama - River Cave Aggitis - Temple of Dionysus - Pavlidis Estate - Fort Lisse - Drama

Our day will start with a visit to "Aggitis" the only river cave in Greece. We will then walk across the fiends and the woods to the village of Grammeni in order to approach the Temple of Dionysus (God of wine). We will continue our walk for another 1,40 hrs to reach Pavlidis Estate at the foot of Falakro mountain, for a tour at the winery. By bus (25 min) we will head to Fort Lisse, a World War II fortification, to learn about the ground defensive mechanisms of the recent past.
A 40 min bus ride will take us back to the hotel

Type of accomodation : 5* Hotel 
Transfers : 1.35 hrs
Walking time 3.05 hrs
+ 80 meters

6th day: Drama - Ag. Minas - Alistratis Cave - Drama

We will board our bus to arrive after 30 min to St. Minas Monastery where we will start our walk through the picturesque villages of the area. Our walk of about 1,30 hrs will lead us to the Church of St. Kyriaki where we will enjoy a tour of the monastery and will admire the wonderful views. We will go on with our walk in nature for another 1,30 hrs to reach the magnificent Alistratis Cave, one of the finest and bigger of Greece and maybe Europe. After the visit, we will return by bus to our hotel in approximately 30 min.

Type of accomodation : 5* Hotel 
Transfers : 1.0 hrs
Walking time 3.00 hrs
- 120 meters

7th day: Drama - Paranesti - Waterfall St. Barbara - Lepida Waterfall - Drama

It will take us about half an hour by bus to reach Paranesti Village and visit the Natural History Museum. We will learn about the fauna and flora of the area and the secrets of the forest! We will again board our bus to travel for 45 min to the heart of Frakto Virgin Forest to reach the beautiful Waterfall of St. Barbara. We will walk on dirt road across the forest for 3 hrs to descent to the exotic Lepida Waterfall for relaxation and local snacks. After a short ascendance, we will reach our bus and we will return to our hotel after 1,30 hrs

Type of accomodation : 5* Hotel 
Transfers : 2.55 hrs
Walking time 3.00 hrs
- 700 meters / + 700 meters

8th day: Transfer to the airport for the flight home.



Insurance: Limited insurance is held by the operator. The client acknowledges and accepts that there may be no policy covering the Company’s liability to its clients for death, injury, damage or loss occurring anywhere in the world. The client also specifically acknowledges that with respect to passenger accident liability cover this cover may be very limited or may not exist at all. The client acknowledges that the company has taken reasonable steps in safeguarding its liability. Although the Company does hold various insurances this booking condition states that the client must assume he/she is not covered by any Company insurance policy, including all liability insurance, for death, injury, damage or any other loss.

Period:  On Request Basis from April to October.

Transportation: We travel by our own mini-bus, which leaves us to walk and continues, with our baggage, to the next place where we will stay for the night.

Accommodation: Hotels in the cities, village pensions throughout the trip (all with private facilities).
The trip prices are based on double occupancy.

Food: Every morning we have breakfast in the hotels, picnic lunch en route and a dinner at local tavern. (Vegetarians are welcome on the trips)

Price per person: 1.590,00€

Group Size: minimum 4 participants.

Difficulty Level: Hike (2)
The hikes offer a moderate trek with a maximum of 5-6 hours walk on rocky terrain. Participants should be in good physical condition with a little of experience.

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