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Crete 8 days trekking Self-guided

1st day: Heraklion (or Chania)

Arrival at Heraklion (or Chania) airport. Transfer to the hotel.
Type of accomodation : 3* Hotel
Transfers : 0,00 hrs.

2nd day: Chania - Paleochora

Heraklion-Chania by bus, lunch in the old harbor of Chania. Later in the afternoon, bus to Paleochora on the south-west coast of Crete. Your hotel is close to a sandy beach, and there is plenty of time for our first swim in the Libyan Sea.
Type of accomodation : Hotel
Transfers : 3.30 hrs.

3rd day: Paleochora - Sougia

You leave Paleochora and walk along the coast to Sougia. The path ascends and descends, until you reach the ancient site of Lissos where you can spend some time looking at the ruins. It will take you one more hour to reach Sougia where, as before, you will end your day by the sea.
Type of accomodation : Lodgement
Transfers : 0,00 hrs.
Walking time 5 hrs.
+ 150 meters / - 150 meters.

4th day: Sougia - Agia Irini - Omalos

You leave Sougia and the sea and walk up through the Agia Irini Gorge along a well-made path. The scenery is beautiful and quite different from that of the previous days. At the top of the gorge you can stop for lunch, and afterwards take the minibus to Omalos, in the White Mountains.
Type of accomodation : Hotel
Transfers : 0.30 min.
Walking time 4 hrs.
+ 600 meters.

5th day: Samaria Gorge

Samaria Gorge: You begin at Xyloskalo (1200 m).Today you take a downward path. The first part of the walk is the steepest, but the trail well maintained and soon (after 1 hour) you reach the bottom of the gorge and begin to follow the river-bed. You can have your packed lunch by the river if you like. After a 6 hour walk, you arrive at the village of Agia Roumeli. There is plenty of time for swimming or resting on the beach. Later in the afternoon, ferry to Loutro where you will spend the night.
Type of accomodation : Hotel
Transfers : 0,45 min. (boat)
Walking time 5-6 hrs.
- 1100 meters.

6th day: Loutro - loop

Your route today both begins and ends at Loutro. At first, you walk through old terraced fields to the hamlet of Livaniana, at about 320 metres above sea-level; the view is fantastic. Then you begin the descent into the Aradena Gorge, and after reaching its bottom follow a dry river-bed. You can stop for lunch at Marmara beach; you can spend more time there, because afterwards it is only a 1-hour walk to Loutro.
Type of accomodation : Lodgement
Transfers : 0,00 hrs.
Walking time 4 hrs.
+ 320 meters / - 320 meters

7th day: Loutro - Sfakia - Heraklion (or Chania)

Today you take the impressive-looking path that climbs above Loutro to Sfakia; it is actually not as steep as it looks. You can stop at the Sweet Water beach to swim and then walk to Sfakia, an old village against the backdrop of the tall peaks of the White Mountains. From there, bus will bring you to Heraklion (or Chania).
Type of accomodation : 3* Hotel
Transfers : 2.30 hrs.
Walking time 2.30 hours.
+100 / -100 meters.

8th day:

Transfer to the airport for the flight home.


Insurance: Limited insurance is held by the operator. The client acknowledges and accepts that there may be no policy covering the Company’s liability to its clients for death, injury, damage or loss occurring anywhere in the world. The client also specifically acknowledges that with respect to passenger accident liability cover this cover may be very limited or may not exist at all. The client acknowledges that the company has taken reasonable steps in safeguarding its liability. Although the Company does hold various insurances this booking condition states that the client must assume he/she is not covered by any Company insurance policy, including all liability insurance, for death, injury, damage or any other loss.

Period:  On Request Basis from April to October.

Transportation: We travel by our own mini-bus, which leaves us to walk and continues, with our baggage, to the next place where we will stay for the night.

Accommodation: Hotels in the cities, village pensions throughout the trip (all with private facilities).
The trip prices are based on double occupancy.

Food: Every morning we have breakfast in the hotels and a dinner at local tavern. Lunches are not included.

(Vegetarians are welcome on the trips)

Price per person: 890,00€

Difficulty Level: Hike (2) 
The hikes offer a moderate trek with a maximum of 5-6 hours walk on rocky terrain. Participants should be in good physical condition with a little of experience.

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