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Level of difficulty


The shelter services the summits of GYRISTI (1779 m) and KOUDOUNI (1860 m) as well as many crossing hiking routes. In the gorge, there are three 60m rock climbing routes with a difficulty of VI. There are two ways to get to the shelter.

From the village of ANO ASITES, head towards the village of PRINOS. On your right as you leave the village, there is a dirt road which is labeled at the junctions until the area of the "bee hives". There you will find a passage. Soon after a path begins leading to the gorge. The path is well marked. It is an 1-1/2 to 2 hours' hike.

From the village of KATO ASITES, you can drive to the MONI GORGOLAINI and continue along a dirt road towards the dry fields in which there is a cement tank. From here, leave the car and after a 20 minute walk, you will arrive at the shelter.

Usefull information

Altitude: 1500 meters
Accommodation: 45 beds
Built in: 1967