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Corfu Epirus Albania 15 days trekking


The quasi sickle-shaped island lies near the continental coast of Epirus, from which it is separated by the Corfu Sea. Wide and mountainous in the north, narrow and hilly in the south. Olives and cypresses mark its landscape. Homer introduced it to the world as Scheria, homeland of the legendary Phaeacians. Ulysses is washed up on their shore. The shipwreck was saved from Poseidon’s anger and the force of the elements in a sheltered creek surrounded by high cliffs, and a princess took care of him. His hosts provided the ship for his trip back to Ithaca.

Spared by earthquakes which destroyed the other Ionian Islands, Corfu kept its beautiful old villages and the mediaeval town „Of the Two Summits“. In the nineteenth century the island was a favorite destination of sun seeking people, even royalties. The empress of Austria Elisabeth and the German emperor Wilhelm II were very fond of its picturesque landscapes and its mild climate. The endless nature offers ideal conditions for extended walking tours.


Epirus is a province in northwestern Greece. It is divided into four prefectures: Arta, Ioannina, Preveza and Thesprotia. It has a population of about 350,000. The capital of Epirus and its largest city is Ioannina. 

A large part of Epirus lies on mountainous areas, called Pindus Mountains. These mountains are known for wild vegetation, lagoons and rivers. Although there are many beaches you can enjoy, if you are a mountain lover, you will cherish this area of Greece. Epirus has a great history, which is connected with the Crusades and Turkish Occupation. The whole traditional atmosphere in combination with the wonderful natural environment will fascinate you!

Epirus compared to the other parts of Greece has a peaceful image. Thus, if you are fond of serenity and places without much noise, your best choice will be Epirus. There are so many hotels, villas and any accommodation to choose from, that you will be dazzled! You can even visit Epirus in one of the conference centers provided.