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Crete 8 days trekking Self Guided


More than an island

Crete, flung as it were by some gigantic primeval force far out into the middle of the deep blue sea, is the 5th largest island in the Mediterranean with an area of around 8700 sq kms. Only 250 kms long, with a width from north to south ranging from 56 kms to a mere 12 kms, it is, in fact, nothing less than a ‘little continent’, 100 kms from the European mainland (Peloponnese), 300 km from the North African coast, and about 200 kms from the coast of Asia Minor.

Crete embraces you with its gentle, inviting climate and offers endlessly-changing vistas and a wealth of new experiences. Walk in spring from high, snow-covered mountains to the edge of the sunlit, tranquil blue sea, all the while discovering mysterious caves and traces of the past, including those of the Minoan civilization, the earliest of its kind in the eastern Mediterranean, stately Roman remains amidst olive groves, and little, frescoed Byzantine churches hidden among swathes of wild flowers, spectacular orchids and aromatic plants of which a number are very rare and endemic to the island. From the high-lying Lasithi Plateau with its picturesque villages, or the majestic Samaria Gorge National Park with its unique and amazing geology, to historic cities on the north coast such as Heraklion, Chania and Rethymnon where the architectural monuments recall Venetian and Turkish conquerors, - Crete has it all.

Enjoy action and adventure along hiking or cycling routes through a stunning natural and historical landscape, then relax by the side of the sea whose colour ranges from turquoise to ‘wine-dark’ as described by Homer, as you explore the mosaic of music and dance that has been a part of Cretan tradition since time out of mind, and sample the delicious dishes that make up the phenomenal, traditional olive oil-based Cretan Diet, hailed by scientists as a possible key to longevity.

This is a land of colours and contrasts, always different, always changing, with every day bringing new experiences and memorable impressions.