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Aviation Services

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Aircraft Management

We manage daily operations and regulatory requirments so you can enjoy relieble and convenient travel backet by the safety, security and service commitment. We maximize your aircraft's potential with a custom management program.

Aviation Services
We gobeyond aircraft management and private aircraft or helicopter charter, to offer you a full array of aviation services to round out all your private aviation needs.

Aerial Sightseeing Tours and Private Transfers
Located at various areas of Greece, we offer aerial sightseeing tours, private sightseeing flights and excursions offering the chance to see Greece's attractions from above.
We offer private transfer services, unique advantages as we combine safety, comfort and versatility.

Aerial Sightseeing Tours in Crete
Chania city - Flight duration 30 min.
Chania - Balos - Flight duration 60 min.
Heraklion city - Flight duration 60 min. (round trip from Chania)

Greek Islands daily excursions from Chania Crete
01. Kithira Island - Flight duration 01 hr. 30 min. (round trip)
02. Santorini Island - Flight duration 01 hr. 30 min. (round trip)
03. Karpathos Island - Flight duration 03 hrs. (round trip)
04. Rhodes Island - Flight duration 04 hrs. (round trip)

Each tour duration is a full day.

Personnel Transportation
We are able to transfer your personnel at the nearest airport of your choice safely and on schedule.

Aerial Surveillance
We offer aerial surveillance and monitoring for every application
Civil Protection
Forest Fires
Severe Weather Phainomena

We are able to transfer your private or company's mail and cargo to any destination in Greece.

Type of Aircrafts/Helicopters available :
Piper PA31-350 Chieftain
Piper PA31 Navajo
Airbus Helicopters AS350 Ecureuil 
Airbus Helicopters AS355 Ecureuil 2

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